Presentation: “Are Sports Federations Fit for Society’s Demand?”

This webinar is intended to launch the governance data from more than 100 sports federations in 15 countries, including Indonesia. I spoke on behalf of Ganesport Institute to present the state of sport governance in Indonesia. You can read more about the webinar here. Also, you can see the news report about the overall sport governance report in this page or download the report. You will find our report on page 172 – 191.

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Persebaya (Almost) Falls Victim to U-20 World Cup

*This post was published in Indonesian language in on 8 February 2020.

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By: Renata Melati Putri

Banners conveying satirical message “World Cup for now, Persebaya forever” were seen in various parts of Surabaya city. Posts with similar tone were also seen circulating on social media, echoing up the message.

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Presentation: What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About the Olympic Games

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On 24 January 2020, I had an opportunity to attend an event as a conductor. The invitation was exhilarating by the fact that I could tailor my presentation based on my interest. Woohoo!

Against the backdrop of Indonesia’s official application to run for the 2032 Summer Olympic bid, I took the liberty to bring issues regarding the Olympics to the session. For your information, the government of Indonesia (GoI) has started a “mild” campaign on how the event offers an economic boost for the host city. Interestingly, most economists around the Olympic studies have debunked the economic benefits. Nevertheless, like other pro-growth governments that host the Olympics, the GoI is happy to go about their marketing promises on the economic impact. Continue reading “Presentation: What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About the Olympic Games”

Babak Baru Menuju Demokratisasi Olahraga

Dekade 2010an telah membuka banyak mata bahwa korupsi juga menjadi penyakit kronis di keolahragaan nasional maupun internasional. Banyak pula yang yakin bila olahraga adalah salah satu biang keladi kemerosotan prestasi olahraga bangsa di kancah internasional. Berbagai inisiatif sudah dilakukan demi mewujudkan sistem tata kelola yang baik sebagai bentuk komitmen pemerintah dalam mencegah tindakan korupsi.

(courtesy of Johan Tallo, Liputan6)

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