Work in Progress


[1] What makes a good sport leader? Lessons from investigating ideal leadership for Indonesian football (with Amal Ganesha, Renata Melati Putri, Irman Jayawardhana, and Arizka Warganegara.)



This research entails a set of comprehensive indicators of good governance in sports organizations that operates at a national or sub-national level. The project output will be an in-depth country analysis on the Indonesian sports landscape for the 2020 NSGO report.

The project page is here


Master’s Thesis

Analyzing Conflict of Interest in National Sports Organization: Case of the Indonesian National Olympic Committee and the Indonesian Sports Committee

Advisor: Dr. Till Müller Schöll

December 2019


The primary objective of this master’s thesis is to analyze the conflict of interest between the Indonesian sports committee (KONI) and the National Olympic Committee (KOI), which become barriers in implementing the reunification policy. This research framework has benefited from Scharpf’s Actor-Centered Institutionalism to meticulously examining the interaction between KONI and KOI as well as other stakeholders in the Indonesian sports system. Secondarily, this paper depicts the perception of each institution during the conflict. The methods for data collection were semi-structured interviews. The findings of the interviews then further analyzed with thematic coding to portray the interaction between actors and then proceed to the quantitative survey to target a more considerable amount of participants. Overall, the possibility of redistribution of outcome and financial instability have primarily influenced the preference of KONI and KOI in regards to reunification.

Keywords: Conflict of Interest, National Sport Organization, Actor-Centered Institutionalism, Indonesian Sport System.