Ngobrol Daring: “Sepak bola Cina: Dukungan Pemerintah atau Salah Asuhan?” (Host: @AnalisisCetek & @khputra)

Berikut saya lampirkan beberapa tautan yang bisa berguna sebagai bahan bacaan tambahan tentang sepak bola Cina:

Kebijakan sepak bola Cina:

China Football 8 — Diterjemahkan dan diringkas secara cerdas oleh kolega Jerman Ilker Gündogan. Tulisan dia adalah yang paling enak dibaca (Karena tidak bikin jantungan seperti liat website resmi pemerintah Cina yang tulisannya gak kebaca).

Globalization and Chinese Sport Policy: The Case of Elite Football in the People’s Republic of China — Tan & Bairner (2010).

China Soccer Observatory (CSO) — The University of Nottingham.

Football in the New China: Political Statement, Entrepreneurial Enticement and Patriotic Passion — D. Jinxia & J.A. Mangan (2001).

An analysis of the Chinese Football Reform of 2015: why then and not earlier? — Qi Peng, James Skinner & Barrie Houlihan (2019).

Governance of the Chinese Super League : A struggle between governmental control and market orientation — M. Yang & K. Markus (2019)

Soft Diplomacy sepak bola Cina:

Manchester City’s China venture is taking the club to powerful places — David Conn (2015).

The Chinese Football Development Plan: Soft Power and National Identity — E. F. Leite Junior, C. Rodriguez (2017).

Belt, Road and Ball: Football as a Chinese Soft Power and Public Diplomacy Tool –E. F. Leite Junior, C. Rodriguez (2020).

China Stadium Diplomacy — Reported by Rachel Will (Reuters).

Architecture of “Stadium diplomacy” – China-aid sport buildings in Africa — Charlie Q.L. Xue , Guanghui Ding , Wei Chang , Yan Wan (2019).

How Soccer Became a Geopolitical Tool of Influence — Reported by John Brewin (2019).

China’s Stadium Diplomacy: All that Glitters is Not Gold — Preethi Amaresh (2020).

China’s Stadium Diplomacy in Africa — Itamar Dubinsky (2021).

Dugaan manuver keuangan dalam sepak bola Cina:

Chinese state TV asks: did Suning buy Inter Milan to launder money? — Reported by Xie Yu (SCMP).

Beijing’s endgame: football with Chinese characteristics — Ben Bland & Murad Ahmed (FT).

Top China Tycoon Guo Guangchang Reported Missing as Anti-Corruption Campaign Widens — The Associated Press.

Is the Chinese bubble about to burst in European football? New state regulations will impact on investment and political pressure could see some owners sell up — Sam Morshead (Daily Mail).

China raises heat over foreign investment — BBC.

China shines the spotlight on soccer spending spree as the soap opera takes a new twist — Simon Chadwick (SCMP Opinion).

Persebaya (Almost) Falls Victim to U-20 World Cup

*This post was published in Indonesian language in on 8 February 2020.

Image source:

By: Renata Melati Putri

Banners conveying satirical message “World Cup for now, Persebaya forever” were seen in various parts of Surabaya city. Posts with similar tone were also seen circulating on social media, echoing up the message.

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Presentation: What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About the Olympic Games

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On 24 January 2019, I had an opportunity to attend an event as a conductor. The invitation was exhilarating by the fact that I could tailor my presentation based on my interest. Woohoo!

Against the backdrop of Indonesia’s official application to run for the 2032 Summer Olympic bid, I took the liberty to bring issues regarding the Olympics to the session. For your information, the government of Indonesia (GoI) has started a “mild” campaign on how the event offers an economic boost for the host city. Interestingly, most economists around the Olympic studies have debunked the economic benefits. Nevertheless, like other pro-growth governments that host the Olympics, the GoI is happy to go about their marketing promises on the economic impact. Continue reading “Presentation: What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About the Olympic Games”